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Very awesome game you made there. Except for the Zelda part, the controls in there were horrendous and I went game over just a few seconds before beating the giant old man and now I am at the beginning of the level. Never gonna play this again lol

Not as good as Toss the Turtle

The graphics and animation are pretty good but still there are some things I don't like.

- sometimes extremely frustrating because you often hop off someone and crash against a monster above
- some monsters and items are extremely rare
- no real item description
- evolving you character doesn't seem to do anything


Very nice programming man everything works exactly how it should and the game is insanely fun.
Very good job!


Very nice. The animations and effects look very good. I also like the leveling system and the overall style is just very cool.

But compared to TTT there are like no objects on the road. In TTT there are maybe ten times more.

Good game though.


At first that game was really fun but a little bit later I just got stuck and wasn´t able to do anything because Doug keeps drinking everything I have and disappears so fast that it´s kinda hard to hit him if you have more than 1 barrel left. The only thing I could do every round is buying a bit beer and then Doug keeps drinking all of it.
And why buy a stronger weapon if you still need 20 times to own him?


I really like the style and the graphics. This game is also fun to play.
But this is one of the games in which you should have 10 lifes or so. My scores basically blow because I die all the time and the score goes zero when you die.


This game is seriously sweet. The graphics look amazing, the animations and arts are impressive. The gampeplay was fun but still there are some things I don´t like.
For example when I fought the collab boss I had serious problems hitting these blades he is throwing. You have to be standing at the exact correct spot and it´s not easy to see where that is.
Also I think this game would be easier to play with the arrow keys. Once by accident I clicked on the advertisement link below the flash submission.

And why are you losing points? I mean it is really frustrating to see your score going down all the time.

So good game but it has a few little problems.

MindChamber responds:

there are keyboard control options. It wouldve been nice if you check for that before reviewing :(

also theres a giant target that lights up under Collab when you are on his line of sight.


This is actually like Canabalt but Canabalt was better.
You should next time use your own idea.


This is just amazing. I have no idea how you did that zoom.
Also this is very informative and not interesting. Good job.


This is a great idea and the zombies also look pretty well animated.
But it still kinda seems unfinished. For example the character is not always aiming in the direction he is shooting. And for some reason you can´t always shoot diagonal.

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