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Okay the animation and effects are obviously outstanding nothing to say about that.

But I find the characters not that interesting. The protagonist is so incredibly braindead that it's just simply not funny anymore, at least not for me.

And the story is basically, main characters are now bounty hunters and have to kill evil guy. It sounds like a generic video game plot.

I don't like these shows that trying to be super random to be funny in order to not have to put any thought into the story.

I don't understand

How this thing has only a 3.9.
The drawings, animations, sounds and voice acting was very good and the plot was funny.

CooliSushi responds:

Thanks man! The score is alright :)


Haha, short but awesome.
Didn't expect an Up+B there.


I found this really entertaining, good work.
I must say though the "BZZT" transitions kinda remind me of ASDF movie, you could have used another way to individualize your flash imo.

not bad

The animation and voice acting was good but there were many parts whithout any sound effects at all. You should get some sound effect packs, there are many good one.

I dunno

Doesn't this joke of kicking animals to death slowly get boring?


I am sorry, the flash was really good but you should definitely work on your audio, there is a really annoying sound in there.

BadMonkeyStudios responds:

Seems to be a flash problem when I export to 128k. Lowered the bit rate and uploaded again. The youtube version didn't have this problem. Thanks for letting me know.


They way how this flash makes a corporation become mad about a completely irrelevant and stupid thing and also the fact that the characters take words like "shitbags" so seriously makes it look pretty much like South Park.

Anyways I have no problem with that, I found it very funny. Good job!


I think this might be the best collab on Newgrounds. The animations, jokes, voice actors are just outstanding and it is so long. Also you can see that the artists are only the best of the best.
Great work guys!

This is a frontpage?

I am sorry but I didn´t like this at all. The drawings looked like you didn´t put alot of effort into it, the animation was weird (why was Santa shaking all the time?) the voice acting was not very good and the plot didn´t make any sense.

I give you 3 points because for your first flash it was not completely trash but I still think that there are a lot of other flashs that deserve much more to be on the frontpage, I have no idea how this got there.

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